Paper Details

// How to create absolute white


  • absolute whiteness – 155 CIE
  • unique surface with special haptics
  • highly pure raw materials
  • perfect quality
  • high opacity with simultaneous highest whiteness
  • smooth surface
  • safe for use with food

Print and finishing

  • extreme contrast and perfect black surfaces
  • good legibility and precise line contours
  • perfect colour reproduction and finest screen dot definition
  • calm print image
  • outstanding runability and stacking properties
  • high level of rub resistance and optimum ink absorption
  • high level of dimensional stability and flexural strength
  • perfect finishing properties


Sometimes, strength matters most. And sometimes, when you have so much choice, more is more. heaven 42 comes in eight different surface weights, and is suitable for everything from writing, printing and drawing through to envelopes. Available in two machine directions and many different sheet and roll formats. Subject to change without notice. The current range, including all available grammages, grain directions, sheet formats and applicable certification, can be found at

Subject to change without notice.


Sustainability and
special features

heaven 42 meets the strict requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council certification organisation and is FSC®-certified as standard. Available from 115 g/m2 to 400 g/m2, heaven 42 is suitable for dry-toner printing and is HP Indigo-certified. All of the information provided concerning the digital printing processes are recommendations and expressly not to be understood as a guarantee. Please observe the requirements set out by the digital printing machine manufacturers and their specifications on the use and suitability of printing materials.

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